As an abstract artist, author, editor, and Arts & Craft teacher may I present my 11 Art Modules,  Artistic matter, which I produced and developed entirely in English based on my knowledge of art and the plastic bibliographic overall.

Features of the module:

  • Classes are designed considering the Art Curriculum, according to each grade.
  • Two topics per month, which it means that each topic is proposed to be developed into two classes.
  • The activities are simple, modern, fun, well explained, with themes of national and international present artists.
  • At the beginning of each unit or month, you’ll find the topics to be developed and the art supplies needed to class development, so the parents count with enough time to acquire them.
  • Processing topics materials are of low costs and in some cases home recyclable.
  • At the beginning of each unit you will  find the Spelling, Art new words to use during the unit.
  • Coloring Techniques are on each grade, so the student will know and practiced during his internship for all grades.
  • Scissors Skills are in all primary grades modules, which would enable them to improve their fine and gross motor skills.
  • The Modules comes with an art exhibition activity, which can be displayed in any artistic or cultural activity that the school performs during the school year.
  • Also have special activities for the special occasion, which are worked at earlier dates in order to carry them out with enough time.
  • The modules are designed with black and white images so that the student will fully colored finish.

The modules are very good option for teacher, student and parent cost reduction in school lists. If you are interested to acquire  my books, I would appreciate give a personally appointment to be able to show my work and why not get any commercial agreement.

…Mi granito de arena a la sociedad y a mis niños… Se lo de dedico a mi Esposo por su apoyo incondicional, a mi hija por regalarme un poco de su tiempo.. a mi madre y hermano que los amo infinitamente…

En el arte como en el amor la ternura es lo que da la fuerza… Oscar Wilde.