Wood letters for all the occasions. Big and small formats for in and outdoors. More information visit the link above and pick the number, name  and size you  desire. Will send you back all the information regardless. Cell: 786-8736453. e-mail: sandracali05@hotmail.com . We send all over the country.

Our Painted Standing Wood Letters sit on any flat surface and are popular for table centerpieces and fit comfortably on book shelves. They arrive painted and decorate on the front, back and sides and are available in several font styles. These wooden letters are cut custom and make a chic statement when used as a monogram.

Each letter is precision cut from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) which is an engineered wood made from tiny wooden particles compressed together to make a solid material. This makes it perfect for indoor sign lettering and craft letters.

Our Painted Standing Letters will arrive with a flat bottom which will allow them to stand. This may reduce the overall height of your letter by 1/4 inch depending on the font selected. Some letters, such as F, J and P, may need extra support in order to stand. This can be accomplished with double sided mounting tape or by leaning it on something nearby.

Colors and designs  may vary from your screen due to monitor displays,please contact us to verify sizes, colors, designs and sale specifications.

FREE ESTIMATE.  CALL NOW!!  Phone: 786-7836453.

Ships within 10-15 business days.

Available in capital letters only!


Catalogo Letras en Madera – Wood Letters M.D.F.

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Contemporary wall decals are paintings by hand made, with modern style of art decor. They are available in different sizes, elegant colors, themes and graphics. your residence can be decorated with wall decals that really pleasing to the eyes significantly.  Furniture, doors & windows with wall decals can be very interesting at high value of beauty and charming color patterns.

Wall nursery decals for kids’ room are also made by hand. For instance, trees, owl, safari and others to choose from based on your kids’ preferences. Murals are also available to become your references that highly feature colors in bright and bold combinations. Just make sure about colors that harmonious to your room decorating. This is meant to avoid too stark colors that can be unattractive.

FREE ESTIMATE. CALL NOW!!!  Cell: 786-8736453

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