Sandra Pérez
Colombian  Artist

I am an independent artist; I have been creating my original paintings, and reproductions since 1998 in New York City. Nothing Brings me more joy then to start with a blank canvas, doesn’t matter the media and give it life. When I am creating my pieces I draw on inspirations from my life, my dreams & the emotions that come with the ups & downs of everyday living. I think of each painting as a window to my own imagination. I feel a strong connection to colors, as they can evoke emotion & recall memories. I work everyday out of my private studio, and I hand paint, and lovingly package each painting myself. I take great pride in each and everyone of my art pieces and sometimes I am a little sad when its time for them to go.

I am Most widely recognized for my development of my unique taste and style of acrylics, airbrushes (face and body paints), Mehndi Art (Henna Tattoos) and textures techniques, I strive to create beautiful  paintings for every style and every budget. I want everyone to be able to afford to make their world beautiful so I aim to offer a price range that will suit any budget.

The world that I create in my works is driven by emotion. I am inspired by nature around me who never comes up with a bad color combination, but more so I am inspired by the day to day emotions I feel from life. Love & happiness, to anger and disappointment, every bit of it is fuel i use to ignite my creative fire, my end goal is to use color and suggestions with movement to evoke emotion and inspire. I use color in my work to portray that to the viewer. My goal for every piece is to create a painting that allows the viewer to connect and become lost in their own imagination. I believe that art, like life is a journey. To me life is about experiences and emotions and so I feel that art is something that should not tell you what you are looking at, instead it should tell you what you are feeling…

                                      ” La pintura es poesía muda; la poesía pintura ciega”.

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) Pintor, escultor e inventor italiano.

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